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Let’s talk Stratosphere and Ionosphere

As well as a physical body, we are comprised of more subtle bodies like layers of energy extending from us in the way that the Earth is surrounded by various layers like the stratosphere and ionosphere. This is often referred to as the aura. Subtle bodies have a higher vibration than the physical body so are more difficult to distinguish. They have a tremendous impact on our health and wellbeing as they not only shield us somewhat from harm; they are also where we develop emotionally and mentally. With proper care we are able to clean our subtle bodies so that blockages don’t build up and impact detrimentally on our health.

Often people speak of chakras without fully understanding what they mean. Chakras are energy centres of the body which spin rapidly like wheels. People commonly refer to seven main chakras though there are many more which affect our health and wellbeing. Proper attention to the state of our chakras enables us to identify our life purpose and remove obstacles preventing us from achieving it.

Heal your body

Sonesha Academy developed a fascinating course to explain and examine Chakras and Subtle Bodies in varying levels of sophistication. Early levels explain the concepts and mechanisms of the chakras and subtle bodies simply so they are better understood and managed. The more advanced levels of the course are designed to gradually delve deeper and examine the functions of chakras, subtle bodies, nadi, etc in greater detail. By understanding the nature of these systems we are able to take more responsibility for the direction we are taking in life.

Sonesha Academy courses are tailored to be methodical and easy to follow. Sonesha Chakra and Subtle Bodies Courses are properly structured; so you will not be overwhelmed by all there is to know in one overpowering blast. The foundation of basic concepts is then built on to provide greater knowledge and how we can make that awareness work in our favour. A brief summary of some of the contents of each course is provided for you in the following sections.