Experience the Magic the Mysticism incredible India


Touring as a member of a small group means that you have more personalized attention and that you can interact more with the locals. The benefits include less cramped buses, greater opportunities to take in the sights and sounds, and more accessible photographic opportunities. The maximum group size you could expect is 12 people, although it is more likely that you will be travelling with 8-12 people. Some activities involve moderate walking but more strenuous walking may be necessary in hilly areas. You will be informed of any activities requiring physical exertion in advance, and you are not obliged to participate.

At Sonesha we respect the people, culture, religion, and environment of India. Before departure we advise our tour party about appropriate clothes to pack and we will also recommend suitable dress throughout the tour when visiting any places of worship, mausoleums, etc. We ask that our clients dispose of any rubbish in appropriate bins (even if that means carrying it with you back to the hotel).