What is Aurology?

Even before we are born our aura is affected by various forces and stimuli. Whatever is done to us, or we do to others, has a consequence in our lives. Some things are immediately dealt with but sometimes we are deeply affected by events which can manifest later as problems. If an issue penetrates our aura it can result in quite a bit of damage to us and the way we live our lives.

Aurology combines aspects of your individual numerology and astrology with information based on mapping personal chakras-timelines in conjunction with issues which have impacted your life and karma, which are in turn reflected in the personal field of your aura. This method even has the means to help you clarify your life purpose by examining significant influences throughout your life. Aurology offers more than a forecast; it is an assessment of the aspects of your life you need to focus on to bring about a healthier life balance. The report will show you vital factors which are exerting major influences on your life right now and offer some clues as to how you can harness your personal power to better use them to your advantage.

Your aurology analysis will likewise indicate focal points in the past which would be beneficial for you to re-examine in terms of a life review in order that you might release restrictive influences from the past so that you may move forward in life with greater freedom, control and happiness. Your report will also indicate which major stimuli are going to exert some influence over you in the near future, giving you the fore-knowledge to prepare yourself to deal with them to your advantage.

Aurology is self-empowering. The information provided aims to encourage you to look deeper and closer at any past- and present events which are profoundly impacting on your life so that you may clear away unwanted energy which is preventing you from maximising your potential. Your aurology report will suggest methods which might assist you to cope with any pressures made evident in your chart through the information provided to us. Naturally, the more information you can provide, the more accurate your personal interpretation will be. You alone are set to gain from the analysis of the information you provide. To this end we ask that you complete a short survey to be submitted at the same time as you pay for your personal Aurology Report.

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