What is Chanting?

Just as important as our physical needs, the inner self needs spiritual nourishment. If we attend to our spiritual health requirements, we may become empowered by such higher energies as love, fellowship, calmness, acceptance, generosity, selflessness, contentment, and happiness. To maintain a healthy inner self we should strive for self-examination and steady inner growth, based on spiritual power and clear thought. Chanting is one means of helping to achieve this.

Through chanting, there is a clearing of consciousness, peace of mind, and relief from unwanted drives and habits. As realisation is experienced through chanting, we observe the spiritual existence of the self. We can attain the benefits of chanting by embracing the process of mantra meditation and applying it holistically.

We have a chanting group on Sunday evenings 6-7pm.

Chanting Meditation

$15 – Per Class Casual Attendance
$70 – 5 x Class Pass
$120 – 10 x Class Pass

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We also offer a payment plan option.

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