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Few people hesitate to change into something that makes them feel cooler or warmer as the case may be. We know colour can affect us in many ways. We may see red when we become angry. We may get the blues when we feel sad. We may even be green with envy at what those people up the road just bought! I am sure you can think of a few charities which even associate themselves with various coloured ribbons in order to project a certain image. And I imagine you have experienced the difference it can make to a room when you change the colour scheme!

A Sonesha Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy Treatment uses the way our chakras react to colour wavelengths in order to help harmonise them and function at a more optimal level.

In these treatments our trained and endorsed Sonesha Practitioners may use such equipment as coloured liquids, coloured materials and fabrics, coloured lights – and even advise on certain coloured foods to consume which bring harmony and wellbeing to a person.

A Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy session will take approximately two hours and includes counselling and ongoing maintenance advice designed to help you following the session.

People often ask how many treatments will be required but that is something we cannot immediately determine as everyone is different. Colour Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy can be a one-off treatment but for long-term results it is likely that a series of treatments will be most beneficial.

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Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy Treatment