You need to keep practicing

Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy (CVRT) is a fascinating subject. No matter what level course you have completed there is a tremendous amount of knowledge to retain and integrate into daily living or in the provision of therapies. For these reasons alone it is comforting to know that we hold CVRT Practicals on the last Sunday of each month. These Practicals not only reinforce the methods you have learned but also provide you with extra tips and answers to many common, and uncommon, questions CVRT practitioners have.

Apart from that it is a wonderful way to interact with those who are also CVRT practitioners with whom you can share interests, skills and knowledge. Sometimes we are using the basic Sonesha layout and other times we will work on a particular layout which could not be covered in the courses due to time constraints. In this way you will also build up your core knowledge of many different CVRT layouts. As a CVRT Practitioner the more layouts and knowledge you have; the better.

Practical sessions are vital in that they allow the theory covered in workshops to be actually implemented and explained. Furthermore, many tips and techniques that do not fit into the course are offered and explained so are considered a bonus for those practitioners who attend practical sessions. This is an ideal time for questions and consolidation of knowledge.

Practical sessions begin at noon and run until approximately 4pm and the cost is only $15 per person to cover materials etc for a general purpose or revision practical. There are also opportunities to learn specific advanced layouts which will be licensed to Practitioners. Please contact us for details and costs.

12 noon – 4pm 174 Currumburra Rd Ashmore.
Open to all practitioners who have successfully completed
Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy Level 3 and above.

Interested in completing more CVRT Training?

We also offer a payment plan option.

Contact Sonesha for further information.