The benefits of CVRT Treatments

There are a lot of therapists out there using crystals in treatments. There are certainly enough types of crystals to work with. The difference at Sonesha is the Practitioners are following “world-best practice”.

Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy techniques are unique. They were developed here and tested here to make sure they work. We are fully aware of what power the “amazing crystals” have and we know when and where to use them to help our clients.  We employ the finest crystal specimens and cabochons to make sure the client receives the best session available. We know how to amplify and direct the strengths and qualities of our “amazing crystals”. We follow a structured Sonesha-process to ensure the greatest care and use of “crystal-energy”. We aim to help clients, not to overwhelm them! Our Practitioners are dedicated to their clients’ needs and strive to give them the most appropriate crystal-treatment available.

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It is our policy to ease clients into crystal vibrational resonance therapy sessions due to the strength of the treatments provided. Standard practice requires a Reiki session which combines some crystals to ensure the client is prepared for the “amazing energy” they will receive during CVRT treatments.

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