What is the law of manifestation?

The Law of Manifestation is another Universal Law in Action. It starts with Changing Realities. We are in charge and in control of our own experiences via our consciousness. We will experience other realities only after we change our minds.

First: Remember the Law of Free Will.
Second: You have to know what you want.
Third: believe in abundance.
Fourth: As the greatest good comes from selfless actions, take into account Honesty, Purity,
Responsibility and Selflessness.
Learn to manifest instantaneously and make all your dreams come true.
Re-discover the Principals of Manifestation and Create what you want in the Now!

Covered in this course:

  • Energy follows mind
  • Energy follows thought
  • Balance in Creation: Thought, Desire, Willpower
  • Actively Love
  • Dedication of energy activity to the inner God.
  • Living in an attitude of gratitude, always.

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