What is Numerology?

Sonesha offers a personal report based on your birthday and the name you were given at birth. Your unique chart will be prepared and explained for you by our qualified numerologists.

The descriptions in this personal and individual report are based on the ancient science of numerology. This numerology report is intended to give you insights into your character and personality from a different perspective from that which is commonly used. Your numerology report will discuss the lessons you are learning in this life; your inner desires and how to fulfil them; your talents and personality qualities and how to make the best of them; the environment in which you perform best; your approach toward work; and your ways of connecting to other people. Numerology can guide you in identifying existing opportunities and opening the way to new and favourable possibilities. Ultimately though it is up to you how you choose to use this information. You are free to choose the path which you want to travel and the distance you wish to go. No matter your age, the roads are open when you are ready to explore. The numerology chart from which this report is derived is based on your birth date and full birth name. The birth date and birth name describe the characteristics and abilities with which you were born. Remember that any challenging conditions with which you were born are within your power to overcome. Numerology can present you with information about those challenges so that you are then able to better understand them and perhaps make changes in order to achieve your full potential.

Your personal numerology report can be purchased through our shop. Please remember to tell us your date of birth and your full name, exactly as it was recorded on your birth certificate. If your name has changed, either through marriage or any other personal choice, please tell us what name you go by now as this can give additional explanation. Your current name can be used to describe the changes in your characteristics and abilities which happened since you started using a new name. If you changed your name within the last five years, the modifications it describes are likely to still be unfolding. The underlining meaning of your original name will still apply.

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