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Sometimes people just need to get away from it all to find some peace and quiet. Whatever is disturbing them can feel overpowering at times and the frustration in not knowing how to cope can be quite draining. Feeling trapped in a stressful cycle can lead to physical and mental health problems; or even over-reliance on such false hopes as alcohol, drugs or other addictions.

Sonesha presents Personal Meditation Retreats designed to relieve whatever pressures have built up. The Retreats present techniques for settling the mind and relieving the stress of daily life. With Sonesha Meditation skills people are able to go forward in life, confident that they have the means to take greater self-responsibility for their behaviour. Sonesha Meditation Retreats provide the means to release stress and find peace more easily. In pleasant, relaxing surroundings people find many ways to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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