Education is continuous

Nobody knows everything just because they complete a course. There is only so much we have time for when presenting our courses at Sonesha Academy. Many extra techniques and skills become relevant once the basic skills have been mastered. Additionally, the correct application of what is learned is vital to the success of any practitioner, whatever field they are working in. For these reasons Sonesha arranges practical sessions where Practitioners can revise, hone, and extend their skills and knowledge base.

Some Practicals for Practitioners involve performing a treatment on another Practitioner and then reversing that situation so that both people receive and provide a treatment. During this time the participants are monitored to ensure the correct procedures and techniques are followed.

Practicals for Practitioners at Sonesha Academy are sometimes presented in the form of tutorials where extra skills and techniques are taught and demonstrated. There are often question and answer sessions in order to make sure a proper understanding of the course content covered has been retained, and is further enhanced so as to become second nature. The chance to mix with people of a like-mind and skill-set is also invaluable and supportive. The Sonesha Community is always growing.

Sonesha currently offers Practicals for Practitioners in Reiki, Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy, and Colour Vibrational Resonance Therapy. Practitioners who have studied elsewhere are welcome to join the practicals at Sonesha, subject to certificates of achievement and course manuals being presented to determine the suitability of the course taken and the skill level attained.

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