Qualified practitioners are able to rent space at the Sonesha Academy in which to conduct their work. Examples of suitable usage include reiki, crystal therapy, massage, beauty treatments, tanning, pranic healing, aromatherapy, counselling, life coach guidance, Trinfinity8, energy work, divination, meditation, kinesiology, naturopathy, iridology, reflexology, sound therapy, colour therapy, hypnotherapy, and more.

We are willing to listen to any suggestions you may have for how you could use a rented room to expand our wide range of services. It is important that you understand the ethos of the Sonesha Academy so we will always want to discuss any possible use of our room to make sure the services being offered are suitable to all parties.

Interested in renting a space?

Contact Sonesha for further information or call 0401 932 378.

practitioner room rental