What is a prophecy?

The concept of prophecy is found throughout the religions of the world. Prophecies describe the disclosing of information that is not known to the prophet by any ordinary means. In religion this is thought to be a divinely inspired revelation or interpretation.

What is divination?

Divination means to be inspired by a god, related to divine, diva and deus. It is the attempt to ascertain information by interpretation of omens or an alleged supernatural agency.

Covered in this course:

  • The difference between divination and fortune-telling
  • The Nature of Prophecy and Instances of Prophecy
  • The Modes of Prophecy: Inspirations, Dreams and Waking Revelations
  • The Great Prophets and Categories of Prophecy
  • Divination Types: Omens, Sortilege, Augury, Spontaneous
  • Common Methods of Divination: Astrology, Bibliomancy, Cartomancy, Palmistry, Geomancy, Feng Shui, I Ching Divination, Numerology, Scrying, Runecasting/Runic Divination, Taromancy.

Prophecies and Divination

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prophecies and divination