Reiki Share Practical Session

The first Sunday of each month, 12 noon – 3pm 174 Currumburra Rd Ashmore.

We hope you are experiencing the benefits of Reiki, whether that involves self-treatments or working on others from Reiki 2 and above. (Please remember that Reiki 1 does not qualify you to work on others but is a self-treatment method.) We hold Reiki Practicals on the first Sunday of each month. This not only allows you to reinforce the methods you have learned but also provides you with extra tips and answers to many common questions Reiki practitioners have. Apart from that it is a wonderful way to interact with those who are also Reiki practitioners with whom you can share interests, skills and knowledge. The format is very simple whereby you give a Reiki treatment and are also given a Reiki treatment. At all times there are experienced Reiki Masters in attendance to confirm that practitioners are using the correct hand positions, etc.

Cost is only $15 to cover materials etc.

Interested in practicing your Reiki?

We also offer a payment plan option.

Contact Sonesha for further information.


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