What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation literally means to be made flesh again. It is a doctrine or metaphysical belief that some essential part of a living energy survives death to be reborn into a new body. This essential part is often referred to as the spirit or soul, the “higher” or “true” self, “divine spark”, the “I”, or the “I AM”.

What is Karma?

Karma is the expression of the law of cause and effect.

Covered in this course:

  • Karma, Karma Expiration and The Journey of the Soul
  • The question of the unchanging soul or eternal self to reincarnate
  • Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • Akasha
  • Past Lives, Future Lives
  • Free Will and Choice
  • Regression and Life Review
  • Planes of Existence
  • Is there proof of Reincarnation
  • Soul Mates and Soul Streams
  • And more…

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reincarnation and karma