What is the Shanti Project?

While attending a Yoga School in Rishikesh India, Sonette rescued a puppy from near drowning in the river behind the School. Sonette named the pup, Shanti. As you can imagine she was severely under-nourished. Shanti was provided a proper diet including a recommended balance of vitamins and minerals. Since receiving her rabies and other vaccinations, as well as worming, Shanti has recovered physically and emotionally and is absolutely adorable. All of this was wonderful of course, but it did not provide Shanti with a loving home. Unable to bring Shanti back to Australia due to strict quarantine laws, Sonette set about finding Shanti a place to live where she would be loved and cared for. With the help of videos and photographs and impassioned pleas posted on facebook, a home was soon found for Shanti in Canada. While veterinary costs are relatively low in India, the costs of transporting an animal to another country are quite high. Coupled with this is a massive need for help where the number of people managing the needs of strays is insufficient to take the strain. Out of this arose the Shanti Project; named in honour of that helpless little pup which touched the hearts of those who met her at the Yoga School. The Shanti Project aims to raise funds to help find happy endings for other unfortunate strays like Shanti.

  • The Shanti Project provides financial assistance to those working in the field helping stray animals.
  • We aim to provide health care using local and volunteer vets.
  • We aim to find happy homes for neglected animals. This includes financing the relocation of stray animals to more positive environments.

In order to help more of the strays and abandoned animals we are asking for contributions to The Shanti Project so that the fine work can go on. Please help us if you can by donating to The Shanti

Project. Donations are also accepted in person at the Sonesha Academy and Healing Centre, and the Sonesha Centre for Personal Development.

Interested in helping animals?

Contact Sonesha for further information.