Guided Meditations for the Wellbeing of Your Mind, Body & Soul
Volume 1 – Audio Download Version
Sonette Schoeman
Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to approach meditation as it allows you to be taken through a sequential process without distracting yourself. This audio file is very gentle with a beautifully crafted background score which will help you to relax and meditate effectively. The complete process of a guided meditation is presented here. While many guided meditations seem to rush the process of settling into a meditation, this one is tailored to produce a relaxing, easy flow so that you are taken into a meditation very supportively. You are guided through a thorough relaxation technique with emphasis on improving and settling your breathing into a most comfortable rhythm.
The guided meditation can be followed in its entirety or it can be started from any section if you are light on time for some reason. You might use the first part to ground, centre, shield and relax. The second part is wonderful if you wish to improve your breathing technique and feel the relaxation which comes from that. If you wish to let go of all the tension through your entire body the concluding section will focus on that for you.
This is a beautifully spoken guided meditation which you will be able to use over and over to great effect. While going to a good guided meditation can cost anywhere from $15 to $25 per session you are able to use this audio file as many times as you like!
The price is for one download of the audio file. The audio file is in mp3 standard format. All copyright laws apply.

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Sonette Schoeman is an international teacher of meditation, metaphysics and natural and vibrational therapies and a 3rd generation metaphysician. Sonette has practiced for decades and studied metaphysical subjects in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Australia. Sonette respects cultural diversity, has a passionate curiosity and search for knowledge in the spiritual, scientific and religious fields.