What is a Soul Retrieval Therapy?

It is possible for portions of the Soul to become detached through circumstances involving such events as trauma, immense sorrow, or even great love? While this can happen as a kind of defence mechanism – emotionally or physically – problems can arise if that part of the Soul is unable to reunite with the whole of its own accord.

In such cases, a Soul Retrieval Ceremony may assist in this process. Some of the indicators of Soul Loss may include: depression, a sense of incompleteness or emptiness, an inability to move forward in life, the feeling that you are not in control of life, and so on.

Sometimes such people will say that they felt like part of them died when something in particular happened. There are even instances when people have claimed that someone has stolen their soul. Soul Loss may be indicated by a belief that something is missing from life. If the Therapist suspects Soul Loss, they would determine if the return of a soul piece is appropriate at that time.

During a Soul Retrieval Ceremony the Therapist changes their state of consciousness to allow their free soul to travel and recover ancient wisdom and lost power. In this state the Therapist will try to intercede and retrieve the lost soul fragments that want to come back at this time.

When performing a Soul Retrieval Ceremony the Therapist creates a safe space for the client in which they are held in a field of love, and protected from influences of the outside world. If a client becomes exposed to outside influences during the Soul Retrieval Ceremony the Therapist protects that vulnerability. While you may request a Soul Retrieval, Sonesha will only conduct a Soul Retrieval Ceremony after determining if such an action may be beneficial.

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