Vibrate and heal your chakras

with Sonesha Sound Therapy

Everything Vibrates

Everything vibrates. It may be so slow that we cannot even see the movement, or it may be so fast that it passes by without us even noticing. Everything has an ideal vibration where that state brings it into harmony with its surroundings. When something vibrates disharmoniously problems are very likely to follow. When we resonate with something it means it appeals to us because there is harmony in what we see, hear, feel, and so on. There is the painful screeching of brakes compared to the delight of a song; the appeal of a fine painting or the unappealing stain of leftover paints congealing together in the bottom of a paint tin.

When our energy centres are vibrating at the optimum level we feel happy and contented and healthy. When our energy centres are vibrating at incorrect frequencies, we feel unhappy and discontented and unhealthy. The object of healthy living is to bring the energy centres into harmony so we can function at our preferred levels and so resonate favourably with the Universe around us.  Fortunately, there are standard blueprints of harmonious vibrations which we can draw upon to help our energy centres resonate happily. Colour, sound and crystals are just some of those standard vibrational forms which can help us achieve a higher standard of health.


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