What are the benefits of experiencing

a Sonesha Retreat?

Sonesha offers several styles of retreats specifically tailored to the requirements of each.

Retreats provide tremendous occasions to get away from the daily routine, as well as presenting opportunities for self-development and learning about a particular topic or idea. The duration of retreats varies for 2 to 5 days depending on the nature of the event or course being undertaken.

While each Retreat is well-structured and brimming with activities, there is always quiet time set aside for participants to indulge in self-reflection and the rest needed to recharge energy.

Sonesha offers a variety of tranquil settings for retreats which are spaced out across the year so you may well want to join us for all of them!

Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Yoga and meditation retreats are generally of 3 days duration. They may be held in or near tranquil bushland; serene beaches; gently flowing rivers – or even a combination of those locations.  While designed to foster a lifestyle with lower stress and more focus, we also include information sessions where various limbs of philosophy are presented. The opportunity to socialise and work with like-minded people is a great benefit of these retreats.

Some Yoga and Meditation Retreats are compulsory units of the Sonesha Yoga Teacher Training Course but in general they are open to anyone wishing to participate from novices and beyond.

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Shamanism Retreats

Shamanism is a residential course conducted off-site. The Shamanism course begins early Friday evening with a ceremony; full-days Saturday and Sunday; and concludes Monday afternoon. The Space Clearing Course is a prerequisite of the Shamanism course. You will also require a Medicine Drum and we can provide you with details of how to obtain one, or preferably make one, in time to bring it with you to the retreat.

This is a more intensive retreat than most of the Yoga and Meditation Retreats as it a Sonesha Certificate Course of study. You can still be assured it is a whole lot of fun!

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