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While asana poses and sequences form the core of most yoga classes, there are many more aspects of yoga. A well-balanced yoga class needs to be built on a strong understanding of the ways the various arms of yoga work together. Following extensive Yoga Teacher Training in India, Sonesha has formulated a method of Teacher Training encompassing asana poses and the principles underlying yoga itself so that Yoga Teachers have a more comprehensive understanding. In this way Sonesha believes Teachers will pass on so much more than just sets of poses and stretching exercises to their students.

Sonesha is dedicated to training students to become the best Yoga Teachers anywhere. The best teachers have extensive knowledge and understanding of their subject matter and that is what the Sonesha Yoga Teacher Course offers. Sonesha’s Course is thoroughly researched and arranged methodically to ensure understanding of all aspects taught.

Regular classes and Retreats provide practical and theoretical tuition to ensure best practice by all those training at Sonesha. Asana, pranayama, meditation and mudras are just some of the aspects of yoga combined with theory and practice to produce confident Yoga Teachers who take a holistic approach to yoga classes. Sonesha Academy provides a friendly and supportive environment conducive to gaining the extensive knowledge needed to become a qualified Yoga Instructor. If you are looking for the place to become the best Yoga Teacher you can be, give Sonesha a call today!

Sonesha Academy aims to make its Yoga Teacher Training Course the pre-eminent course in Australia. Strong basic knowledge and an understanding of yoga principles is combined with practical instruction in how to best present yoga classes to students with confidence and skill. Sonesha Academy is dedicated to the mind, body, soul and spiritual development of its Yoga Teacher Training students with the aim toward self-empowerment.

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