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Meditation is the first step to self-discovery. Sonesha Meditation Classes are comprehensive and structured to help you achieve, relaxation, healing and spiritual development.

Discover the benefits of meditation relaxation through Yoga Sonesha Therapies


Are you seeking the benefits of optimal health?

Educate yourself and learn the many benefits of meditation, how and why it works. Scientific evidence has proven that meditation, yoga, sound, colour and crystal therapy can help and alleviate certain health issues.

Sonesha Academy and Wellbeing Centre not only provides specialised healing treatments and therapies, but also educate people by offering unique and life education workshops and courses:

Learn how to treat and empower others using such treatments as REIKI, CRYSTALS, SOUND and COLOUR therapy. Learn to use the gifts from the universe to help others.

Learn how to meditate Yoga Crystal Therapy Reiki